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Yellow & White Roses Gift Box

  • LE 1,850.00

Introducing our Yellow & White Roses Gift Box, a perfect gift for your loved one. The combination of yellow and white roses is a symbol of hope, shine, and prosperity. It represents the happiness and energetic love between friends and loved ones.

The yellow rose is a symbol of joy and friendship, while the white rose represents pure and innocent love. It shows how much you care and protect your loved one. This gift box is a perfect way to express your pure emotions and goodness towards them.

Our gift box does not include the price of the perfume, because we believe that the one we love deserves more. So, go ahead and surprise your loved one with this beautiful and meaningful gift. Show them how much they mean to you with our Yellow & White Roses Gift Box.


اللون الأصفر هو لون الأمل والتألق والازدهار ، فهو يرمز إلى السعادة والحب النشط بين الأصدقاء والأحباء. والورود البيضاء هي رمز للحب النقي البريء ، ترمز الي شكلاً نقيًا من العواطف والخير و الدعم.