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The Embrace Love Box

  • LE 1,300.00

The Embrace Love Box is a one-of-a-kind product that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. This beautifully curated box features a selection of hand-picked Red Roses, symbolizing love and passion, carefully arranged in a chic and classic rectangular box. Each rose is chosen with care and arranged to perfection, making it the perfect gift to express your love and affection.

The Embrace Love Box is more than just a bouquet of flowers. It is a unique and thoughtful way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. The elegant and stylish design of the box adds an extra touch of sophistication, making it a standout gift for any occasion.

Whether it's for a special someone, a family member, or a friend, the Embrace Love Box is the perfect way to convey your heartfelt emotions. It is a gift that will be cherished and remembered for years to come. So why settle for a traditional bouquet when you can give the gift of love with the Embrace Love Box?

contains 12 Red Roses.