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Salvatore Ferragamo Oceani Di Seta

  • LE 5,950.00

Ferragamo Oceani Di Seta Eau De Parfum is a women's and men's aquatic floral fragrance that was released in 2021. It is part of the Storie di Seta line, which was created by famous perfumers Alienor Massenet and Emilie Coppermann to complement Salvatore Ferragamo's exquisite silk products. Storie di Seta is a collection of four delightful unisex fragrances linked by a silk thread - the Filo di Seta fantasy note. They blend beautifully, creating new and exciting compositions with individual sounds. Oceani Di Seta was inspired by the enigmatic depths of the sea. Admire its enigmatic underwater world and the sun's rays, which play with bright highlights on the surface, penetrate the water column, and produce a whimsical play of light and shade. The aroma begins with sea salt mineral notes. The fragrant coolness of airy magnolia petals fills a bright heart.