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Papillons Shell and snail colourful Ring

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  • LE 1,565.00

Papillons Shell and Snail Colourful Ring

Experience the beauty of nature with our Papillons Shell and Snail Colourful Ring. Each ring is carefully handcrafted with thick layers of resin, creating a unique and vibrant design. The shells and snails are delicately placed on a 21 kt gold plated brass band with a matte texture, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look.

What sets our ring apart is its colourful and intricate design, inspired by the natural patterns found in shells and snails. The combination of resin and gold creates a stunning contrast, making this ring a true statement piece.

Order now and receive your Papillons Shell and Snail Colourful Ring within 3 working days. Add a touch of nature to your jewelry collection with this one-of-a-kind ring.