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The Pure Bouquet

  • LE 900.00

Introducing The Pure Bouquet, a hand bouquet arrangement that will sweep you off your feet. This exquisite bouquet is made up of MUMs and baby flowers, carefully selected for their beauty and symbolism.

MUMs flowers have been treasured in traditional medicine for their powerful healing properties. Across Asia, they are seen as a symbol of good luck and joy. As these flowers start to bloom in early fall, they also represent a fresh start and a hope for longevity.

The delicate baby flowers add a touch of purity and sincerity to this bouquet. With a lifespan of 7-9 days, they symbolize everlasting love and care. These flowers are often used in bridesmaids' bouquets and as decorative centerpieces, creating an alluring halo.

Experience the beauty and meaning behind The Pure Bouquet. Order now and let its romantic charm fill your heart.